Our work philosophy

If marketing is a battle
Strategy is map-making
So you know where to fight, and what to fight for
Copywriting is how sharp your arrows are
Targeting is where you aim it
Once you hit it, we have more arrows in the quiver

What we believe

In an attention scarce world where every waking moment is a marketing touch point,
we believe an authentic and focused brand is the only way you can win.
We are clear about ours;
we work primarily with B2B companies and social enterprises who have a great offering,
but struggle to get started with brand building and marketing.
We choose to work with
companies with genuine business models
instead of get-rich-quick schemes.

Who you’ll do business with

Mejo Kuriachan


Mejo puts the 'Everything' in 'Everything Strategy, Design, Motion, and Flow.' A straight shooter who is an engineer first, strategist and design manager later. For clients, he is a business advisor who promises results without bells and whistles.

Athira Krishnan

Strategy Dabbler

The team thought Athira was a designer first; she thought she was a writer first, and now no one knows what to call her. For clients, she acts as the bridge between market researchers, writers, and designers. She's the reason you're looking at this website instead of a plain text notion site.

Ekta Manchanda


Ekta was the pioneer of design at Everything Design. She sees more colors than we knew existed on the visual spectrum, and is the one who actually builds the brands we strategize for. Also, she's nicer to talk to outside of work than most of the others.

How we do things

Our pricing is higher than average, but lower than a screwed-up project
Most of our clients come to us after they burn their hands with another agency. Save your budget by working with us early.
We always punch above our weight class
We put in more thought, effort and heart than recommended for our profitability metrics, but charge you only for the baseline scope.
Our clients hang out with us
Everyone says they partner with clients, but our clients are hanging out with us in office long after we stopped working together. We haven't figured out how to charge for it yet.
We say no
Saying yes is easier but we say no to ideas that are bad for our business or yours.